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Ignite One offers health services and therapeutic interventions to address a range of conditions for adults and adolescents, including anxiety obesity, depression, and PTSD.

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Our services can be performed in various locations, such as at home, in our facility, or through telehealth. We offer a variety of programs for people with special needs, pregnant women, and seniors, which include the following:

This holistic approach to wellness uses body-based practices and mindfulness techniques. By applying for this program, you can cultivate self-awareness and foster social-emotional learning.

Through our holistic and personalized approach, we can address all facets of the wellness wheel. This program is ideal for those struggling with physical vitality, emotional stability, and social integration. 

Our approach is designed for adults with special needs facing health challenges, including obesity and chronic disease.

We tailor our programs to support the wellness of people with special needs. Clients in this program enjoy a focus on cultivating critical life skills, a healthy lifestyle, and self-care.

Using our experience in the industry, we can provide marketing solutions to other managed care agencies. You can trust us to help you promote your health and wellness solutions and plans.

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