Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss services offered in-home, in-facility, and through telemedicine throughout New Jersey.

Eating less and exercising more may not work for you when it comes to losing weight. Serving patients in Montclair, New Jersey, through their telehealth platform, Blair Beltzer, MD, and the expert providers at Ignite One offer professional and personalized help with weight loss. They understand the struggle and the health challenges you face. They work closely with you and devise a nutrition and behavioral health plan to help you reach your weight goals. To get started with your weight loss journey, call the practice or schedule your consultation online today.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is weight loss hard?

Weight loss is hard because no single diet or workout plan works for all. Eating less and moving more are important components to any good weight loss program. However, diet and exercise aren’t the only factors that influence your weight. Age, hormones, sex, and genetics may make it harder for you to reach your goal weight. 

Ignite One is a holistic medicine practice that takes a whole-person approach to care. They understand the strong connection between weight, nutrition, and overall health. They offer a comprehensive weight loss program that gives you the tools and support necessary to reach your weight goals. 

What happens during a weight loss consultation?

Ignite One does all weight loss consultations through their telehealth platform, so you meet with your provider from the comfort of your home. They do a full assessment of your health, evaluating your physical, emotional, and social well-being. 

They also ask about your weight history and struggles, the types of diets you’ve tried in the past, and your current eating and exercise routine. Your provider at Ignite One may order lab testing to look for health issues that might explain why weight loss is hard. 

Your provider uses the information they gather to create your integrative wellness plan.

What tools help with weight loss?

Weight loss at Ignite One is more than just diet and exercise. Your provider creates a plan that addresses all the factors that influence your weight and health. 

Some of the tools they use to help you with weight loss include:

  • A personalized eating plan
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Behavioral health
  • A customized fitness program
  • Health coaching
  • Hormone therapy

The gifted and compassionate counselors and coaches at Ignite One share their expertise to help you reach your goal. 

Making changes to your diet and exercise routine can be difficult but not something you need to do all at once. The wellness experts at Ignite One provide the guidance and support you need to make small manageable changes that, over time, lead to better health. 

Weight loss is a journey that has many ups and downs, but with the right support, you can succeed. Call Ignite One or schedule your weight loss consultation online today.