Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation services offered in-home, in-facility, and through telemedicine throughout New Jersey.

Therapeutic Recreation helps you participate in activities that bring you joy. Serving patients in Montclair, New Jersey, Blair Beltzer, MD, and the compassionate providers at Ignite One provide therapeutic recreation to help those with disabilities or illnesses live a full and happy life. The wellness experts take a whole-person approach, creating plans that benefit all your health needs. To learn more about the benefits of therapeutic recreation, call the practice or schedule your telehealth consultation online today.

Therapeutic Recreation Q & A

What is therapeutic recreation?

Therapeutic recreation also called recreational therapy, is a type of medical therapy that helps people struggling with an illness or disability engage in activities that benefit their physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Ignite One is a holistic medicine practice that uses a whole-person approach to care. They specialize in providing health services for children, teens, and adults with health challenges that affect physical, emotional, and social well-being.Who benefits from recreational therapy?

Ignite One provides care for people of all ages, backgrounds, and health needs. You may benefit from recreational therapy if you or a loved one has a health condition that affects your quality of life.

The providers offer therapeutic recreation for adults and children with physical disabilities, behavioral health conditions, and brain injuries. 

The goal of therapeutic recreation is to give you the ability to live a well-rounded and fulfilling life. The recreational therapists at Ignite One create integrative wellness plans that match individual needs. 

What can I expect from therapeutic recreation?

Before making any treatment recommendations, your provider at Ignite One conducts a full assessment, evaluating your physical and emotional well-being. They ask about your health concerns and goals, medical history, family history, a typical day, and the type of friend and family support you have.

Your provider may request additional testing to confirm or rule out a health condition so they can develop the most effective plan. After your assessment, your provider creates your personalized plan, which may include recreational therapy along with behavioral health care, a nutrition program, and a fitness plan.

What are some types of therapeutic recreation?

Therapeutic recreation includes all types of activities that bring joy. Examples include crafts, board games, sports, and music. Ignite One collaborates with local support services to make sure you connect with the recreational activity that works best for you and your goals.

Your recreational therapist partners with you when engaging in your preferred activities. They want to improve your physical, emotional, and social well-being by helping you find and engage in activities that boost mood, regain function, and build confidence.

Learn more about therapeutic recreation at Ignite One by calling the practice or scheduling a consultation online today.