Meet The Team


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Alex, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation

I have been working in healthcare for a number of years, and I genuinely have a passion for helping others! Therapeutic Recreation is a form of mental health intervention that addresses depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical development and delves into self-care including the activities of daily living (ADL). Through our psychological assessments and leisure assessment model, we use therapeutic modalities that enhance well-being. This brings balance to the clinical. are clients receive, I utilize a lot of community resources for my sessions and its my goal to help coach youth and adults of all abilities through their diverse goals. Therapeutic intervention is key to living a healthy, stress-free lifestyle.  
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Erin, Nutrition and Fitness Coach

My name is Erin, and I'm a Wellness Coach. I've been working in health and fitness doing what I love since 2013 and maintaining a personal healthy lifestyle to inspire others. I work with people of every age, shape, and size. I realize happiness for me comes from giving my knowledge and strength to others. I help people achieve personal health goals and get results and I get satisfaction from knowing I was part of their process and success. My work is in the community, and I enjoy leading groups in various wellness activities. I motivate others with my energy and make it fun in the process.  
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Penny, NBC- HWC

A Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Penny also has a certificate in Lifestyle Medicine. Health coaches help clients realize their potential for change through motivational interviewing, goal setting, creating a wellness vision and increased accountability. The coach process elicits intrinsic motivation and guides clients through a goal driven change process that supports improved health and well being. Penny helps people achieve a higher level of performance in life and work. She works with young adults and families providing coaching and guidance in identifying and overcoming obstacles, She has also worked with developmentally disabled adults to improve their health and independence. 
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Peggy, Speech Language Pathologist, Therapist and Health and Fitness Coach

I am an active, energetic, mom of three great girls. I enjoy walking for miles while listening to my favorite tunes or a really informative podcast. I am a health enthusiast with 27 years of experience as a Speech Language pathologist. I work with youth ages 5-22 with varying levels of abilities and have translated this experience to a deep health and wellness practice. I lead fitness education and yoga as a go-to practice for deep relaxation and better sleep for the youth I serve. I’m extremely flexible and patient in order to achieve adherence, cooperation, and better health outcomes.

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Maria, Mindfullness and Yoga Teacher 

Maria integrates Yoga, meditation and mindfulness into the world of mental health. Supporting those struggling with developmental disabilities, anxiety, depress, anger management, PTSD, and substance abuse. By practicing breathing work, treating, and concentration to promote enhanced cognitive functioning. Maria is a social worker (BSW) with a huge heart and a 200 hour yoga instructor certification, she has Nectar Training in Trauma Focused yoga specializing in gentle yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice. 

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Maria, NBC-HWC, Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Coach

My name is Maria, I am a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I have been a health coach for eleven years. As an advocate door health and wellness, I believe that we should all live an energized, passionate and healthy life. A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, nutrition, healthy sleep patterns, and positive support from family and friends. I am Certified in Plant-Based Eating, Gut Health, Hormone Health, and Whole Person Health. I have experience working with Functional Medicine and Integrative Pain Management. I specialize in gluten-free and sugar-free baking. I also have a love for cooking and furthered my education by attending several weeks of organic cooking school in Florence, Italy, subsequently receiving a Certification in Organic Italian Cooking. My goal as a health coach is to work with individuals by helping them adopt healthy lifestyle changes. As an NBC-HWC I hav found that clients have better outcomes when they are active participating in improving their health and wellness. I believe that we should never compromise when it comes to our health, if you want to live an amazing life, you need to get out there and make it happen.

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Ahsanni, Beharvior Tech

Ahsanii is passionate about crating an encouraging environment for individuals seeking to improve their overall wellness. Since obtaining her bachelors degree in psychology and masters in administration from William Paterson University, she has spent her professional career providing behavioral intervention to children with autism and trauma-informed care to adults with mental and emotional needs. Ashannii’s goals is to motivate healthy choices and provide support in achieving personal goals.

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Jelena, Nutrition and Keto Coach

A certified Keto Nutrition Coach and Health and Wellness Coach began focusing on special diets shortly after her two-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She has managed her son’s diabetes with appropriate, yet fun meal planning, while successfully promoting the keto meal plans for all persons. Her passion for Keto Nutrition and Health Coaching came to fruition while focusing on her son’s dietary needs. It’s a great way to manage insulin, sugar levels and weight concerns. She became a Certified Keto Coach through the Keto-Adapted program learning Keto values, nutrition, biomechanics and food methodology. She also holds Nutritional Coach Certificate through NASM and she is continually working on expanding nutritional knowledge. In addition, she is a Kids Fitness Coach. She also has experience and educational background in Dentistry. 
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Norie, Health Coach

Norie is a professional health coach. Norie holds a Masters in Wellness and Lifestyle Management. She has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry supporting individuals in reaching their health and wellness goals. Norie specializes in coaching individuals with Developmental Disabilities, diabetes education and Mindfulness Stress Reduction. As a health coach she supports clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve their total well-being. She enjoys her work and takes pride in being an accountability partner to her clients.