A Holistic Health and Wellness Care Company


Holistic Health Services

We offer holistic health services that focus on the well-being of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. 

We understand the impact of culture, lifestyle, and environment on personal choices and habits. Our approach leverages intrinsic motivation to make changes in daily choices that contribute to long-term radiant health and resilience.

What We Do
Nutrition, Movement, Mind-Body, and Recreation

Our person-centered coaching for lifestyle and behavior change is the foundation for personal health transformation. Our integrated model is founded on the 8 dimensions of wellness and the tenants of therapeutic recreation.

Our interdisciplinary team of gifted and passionate counselors and coaches share their expertise in behavioral health, weight loss (obesity), fitness (exercise), and therapeutic recreation to help youth and adults achieve their wellness goals.

Our services are delivered in-home, in-facility, and through telemedicine and hybrid formats.